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vlgothic-fonts-common - Common files for VLGothic Japanese TrueType fonts

License: mplus and BSD
Vendor: ClearFoundation <>
VLGothic provides Japanese TrueType fonts from the Vine Linux project.
Most of the glyphs are taken from the M+ and Sazanami Gothic fonts,
but some have also been improved by the project.

This package consists of files used by other vlgothic-fonts packages.


vlgothic-fonts-common-20091202-2.el6.noarch [15 KiB] Changelog by Akira TAGOH (2010-03-12):
- Improve fontconfig file to get rid of binding="same" and to
   match with "ja" as well. (#586848)
- Set the priority to 65-0 for vlgothic-p-fonts to avoid the effects
  of 65-nonlatin.conf and similarly 65-1 to vlgothic-fonts. (#572929)

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